We made a really quick trip to our local zoo. We had heard they’ve made some improvements. They did have an Oceans area which was neat.

Niabi Zoo 003

They had a set up to teach you about the temperature they live in. They have you feel how very cold the water was, then put your hand inside a make-shift thing of flubber (like the sharks, dolphins, etc have) and then feel the water again.

Niabi Zoo 006

These itty bitty baby frogs were being caught, and then when ready going to be released in a better habitat. Ashlyn found one on the concrete and brought to them. She found one of the extra tiny ones. They said she saved a baby frogs life. Yay !

Niabi Zoo 008

We are not going to bore you with every single zoo photo. So here are a few.

Niabi Zoo 013

Niabi Zoo 015

Niabi Zoo 016

Niabi Zoo 019

Niabi Zoo 021

Niabi Zoo 027

Niabi Zoo 041

Niabi Zoo 042

Niabi Zoo 046

Niabi Zoo 050

Niabi Zoo 064

Hope you are having a fantastic day !!!


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