Yellow Cherry Tomato Plant

Do you want to see my tomato plant? This is exciting stuff. It’s the first one in my lifetime that lived. Lived well anyway. And they taste great! Wish there was about 3 times as many maters on them.

I think I’ve already posted this back when I planted it. No idea it would make it any further. But here it is as a little feller.

Yellow Cherry Tomato Plant

Little feller in big pot.

Tomato Plant (2)

And then it just really took off and did quite well.

Tomato Plant (3)

Getting bigger.

Tomato Plant (4)

We left for Canada while it was at this stage and I left my neighbor in charge of it with strict instructions. Like I’m anyone to be dishing out plant instructions. He did well and it made it through.

Tomato Plant (5)

We kept taking pictures at every stage because I think everyone was in disbelief. This is me and our youngest granddaughter, and the plant is to about my nose. Looking full, green, healthy and flowering like crazy. Starting to get tomatoes on it too.

Tomato Plant (12)

It has since past me up in height. I had a photo on my phone of me with it but it seems to have vanished. I’ll be sure to get another one.

Tomato Plant (6)

I’m not sure of the exact name of this tomato plant but they are the yellow cherry tomatoes. I love the yellow ones. Whether cherry or full size, they are my favorite.

Tomato Plant (7)

Ahhh, look at that. Wahoo !!!

Tomato Plant (8)

At first there was just a couple ready at a time. They are so good, it’s like giving you just one M&M at a time. haha

Tomato Plant (9)

They are all turning out great. Almost every flowering spot got a mater. Not quite all of them, but most.

Tomato Plant (10)

Nosy Rosy had to come see what the fuss was about. Always in your business.

Tomato Plant (11)

Do you grow tomatoes? In pots?

Which kind are your favorite?

What else do you grow well in pots?


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