We’re Back – Again

Good Morning Sunshine !!!!

We’re Back  – Again

Biggest hiatus ever! I hope you have all been well and enjoying your spring and summer. You probably thought I deserted this blog. I apologize but things got really busy, really crazy, really fast. Sometime in the spring the bottom dropped out and it was nonstop weddings, parties, events, celebrations and planning for our things as well as for friends and family. Along with our normal activities. So, I put everything that wasn’t necessary on the back burner.

As soon as the last event and party wrapped up, it was FINALLY pool season! Which seemed to take forever to get here. Don’t get me wrong, I love a long cool spring, but we were definitely ready to hop in the pool. We’ve been lounging and enjoying it for a few weeks now while we get caught up on the things we put on the back burner. Pool, floaties, music and no clocks or phones have been priority.

pool 06.24.22

Some of us also have a lot of sleep to catch up on.

Chika A sleep

See you back here soon and hopefully more regularly. Have a great day friends.

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