Weenie Roast

Years ago, my nephews were staying over with us. We lived in the country and playing in the woods and getting dirty were top priority. Right up there with weenie roasts. 

weenie roast 1

After changing out a toilet, we thought what the heck, put a little spice into our weenie roasts. So we transferred it to the toilet. Hey, I’m a clean freak and I guarantee my toilet was cleaner than most people’s countertops. And you wouldn’t believe what these 3 could get into, and roasting a hot dog out of a toilet is by far not the worst.
weenie roast 2

All was good until she got a crack in her.
weenie roast 3

Then she blew to smithereens ! 
weenie roast 4

The 3 boys are much older now, and this is still one of the most talked about and brought up stories to remember. 

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