VBS Cookies

Ashlyn was in VBS when she was younger. This year we both volunteered to help out. We helped with crafts and music and in general throughout the week.

On the last night the kids have a short recital of the songs they learned and then have cookies and treats afterwards for parents and grandparents.

We made cookies. We were hoping to keep it quick and simple because we didn’t have a lot of time the day of to be making anything difficult. Wilton makes an edible-colored spray that you can spray over frosting in general or use a stencil. The VBS theme this year was Armor of God. We made sugar cookies with plain white frosting. Then we cut out the armor with our Cricut..shields, swords, helmets. The plan was to take the dark gray/silver spray we bought and quickly spray over the stencil and be done. Easy peasy.

You know how things never quite turn out the way you expect when you are pressed for time and definitely don’t have time to change your food choice. When we sprayed on the gray/silver, you couldn’t see the color AT ALL. Oh boy, Houston we have a problem! If you sprayed it on a color, like colored paper, you could see it great. You just couldn’t see it over anything white, the frosting or the paper. The spray color is not completely accurate on the can, it shows it being a darker gray/silver, which would have been great for armor. I obviously couldn’t change the color of the cookie frosting now either. Our local grocery store didn’t carry the spray. I wasn’t driving out of town for one item.

We did have the edible markers but did not have the time to trace all the armor pieces. And we only have bright colors in the markers which is not ideal for armor. The change of plans had to be something simple and quicker. So, this is what we ended up with. Which still turned out fine, just not as cool as it should have been. Good enough but not our best work. They still received many compliments, but I’ll be grabbing extra back up colors for anything in the future.

VBS Cookies


Have you tried those Wilton edible sprays or markers?

Any experience in stencils?

Any baking plans this weekend?


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