Two Wounded Wrists at Once

So, this kid of mine has had a rough start to summer fun.

Broken Wrist (5)

It started off on May 1st. She got pushed down in the line to go out to recess, since no kid ever walked to recess, let alone 50 of them. She got a little roughed up there and complained of her wrist and arm hurting.  I’m going to skip the part about it getting missed twice with 2 different sets of xrays 2 weeks apart, since I don’t want to bad mouth anyone and human error does happen. But 18 days after the incident, we found out one of the little bones in her wrist was fractured.
Broken Wrist (1)

Then on May 30th here at home, she was riding her scooter and wiped out after hitting a rock. Thought I’d share a few of the wounds she also encountered during this one.
Broken Wrist (2)

Note: before anyone gets all judgey because she was on a scooter. No I don’t believe scooters are dangerous. Kids and adults can get hurt doing anything. She wasn’t being careless or doing anything she wasn’t supposed to, just cruising in and out of the driveway. Just hit a rock and skidded out. No fault of her or the scooter. And yes I will want her to ride it again and again. No reason not to, she’s a kid. I’d rather outside play, even if it means injuries happen, as opposed to carpal tunnel from too much computer time. There, I’ve said my peace.
Broken Wrist (3)

After going through the 1 day wait and see, getting a doctors appointment, xrays and the whole shebang again. Three days later we found out she has a break in the bigger bone in her forearm on the left arm. (Referred to as a buckle break or buckle fracture). It’s down closer to the wrist on that bone.
Broken Wrist (4)

A cast and lots of ibuprofen does wonders !!!
Broken Wrist (5)

She’s most upset about not playing softball, swinging from bar to bar at the park like a monkey and the daily little things that are hard to do. But most of all, she’s heartbroken of not being able to swim. This girl is a fish and loves the water. So we are hoping time flies by to get this cast off. The plan is 2 weeks to allow the swelling to go down, then recast it for another 2 weeks.

Just yesterday some of her friends were riding a 4-wheeler and she was in tears she was so ticked off at me for telling her no she couldn’t go ride 4-wheelers at the moment. Really !?!?  One bone at a time here.

So this summer we are going to focus on what she can do, instead of what she can’t do. I’m just hoping it’s not too rude to hop in the pool without her because holy cow is it temping in this hot weather. We have bags to cover it to protect it from splashing, but if she can’t fully submerge to swim, she see’s no reason to be in the pool to just sit there with 1 arm sticking out.

Hoping you all are enjoying your summer so far.


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