Trampoline Park

Spring Break Fun at a Trampoline Park !!  If you have never been to one, they are so much fun.

She figured out the flip thing real quick.
Trampoline Park 012

The place was huge and had different rooms and areas all spread out. You pay by the hour at this one and you get a colored wrist band which reflects the time frame you paid for. Then they announce what time/color wrist band is up, so you really don’t even need to watch the time.
Trampoline Park 003

A few areas we did not get a picture of. The dodge-ball room is not where you want to get your camera out and fiddle with it. These kids will show you no mercy. She’s testing her surfboard skills here.
Trampoline Park 008

It was hard to get a decent picture of how large it is. Plenty of floor trampoline place. It was pretty busy in there, but you didn’t feel on top of each other. Felt like you still had room to play and bounce.
Trampoline Park 009

Flipping in to the foam pit was probably her favorite. I didn’t care for it. I didn’t flip in to it, but I jumped. The foam blocks are very foamy and grippy. Which is good, but it pushed my tights all up my legs, pulled my socks off….was a disheveled mess when I got out of there.
Trampoline Park 013

Basketball. Which was nice to be able to jump up closer to the hoop.
Trampoline Park 021

This thing tipped as you walked over it.
Trampoline Park 025

The swinging rings. I don’t think I could even do rings that didn’t swing.
Trampoline Park 026

The bar here would tip as you got to the other side.
Trampoline Park 028

Holy smokes, you should see the kids on this !!  These are long trampoline’s so you can get a running start and really flip, and double flip and WOW some of these kids are amazing !!!
Trampoline Park 029

This ladder wasn’t easy but she finally made it.
Trampoline Park 037

My moves weren’t nearly as impressive but I didn’t kill myself.
Trampoline Park 045

Some kids stand on that base, jump on to the tramp, flip and land on the next base landing thing.
Trampoline Park 046

And it’s fun to just slide down it too.  We saw some kids, run, hit this vertical tramp with their feet and flip backwards.  Yep, I showed em everything I know !!!
Trampoline Park 050

We had fun and will definitely be back. You can opt out of jumping and just watch. They have some seating and benches around, so you can see your kid everywhere they go. The activities vary from facility to facility, so we’ll have to check out a different one next.
Trampoline Park 054

Short video of our afternoon.
(video length 1:49)


Have you ever been to a trampoline park?

Do you have any other fun ideas for a day-fun thing with kids?



  • Carol April 19, 2018 at 1:59 am Reply

    That place looks like a blast!

    • Everyday Snapshot April 19, 2018 at 2:16 am Reply

      Definitely was !!

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