Tough Bike Ride

So this place near us that we’ve been camping lately, offers many walking trails. I’ve been doing those with Ashlyn. But as we are both early risers, I like to get up even before that and walk, run or bike. It’s ‘my time’ that I enjoy. I decided to bring my bike out with us this past weekend. There is a road that loops around a lake. Wouldn’t that make a great ride?

Did I get a map of the area? No. Did I drive the route first? No. At home, I ride 12 miles no problem, could go further but time usually doesn’t allow. Did I over dress so I would die of heat exhaustion? Yes. Did I tip toe out of the camper to not wake the others, too quickly that I forgot my water bottle? Yes.  That’s alright, just like Pete the Cat, “It’s All Good”. 

2 minutes in to my adventure, I realize a hill or two is not something I’m used to on my usual 12 mile route. I mean, I’m basically a pro at 12 miles right? WRONG.  Looking around for passerby’s to make sure no one see’s me huffing my way up the 2nd hill. 

I now ‘enter’ the loop. The prior little bit I spoke of was just ‘getting to’ the start of the loop. The tree’s cover the road. Beautiful. Picturesque. Ahh yes, a hill to go down. So nice. The breeze in face. But going down, can only mean, there’s an up in my immediate future.

I look down at the odometer. It says .9 miles. I make a mental note to have Jamie check that. Clearly it’s wrong, as it feels more like 37 miles.  

I pass an elderly gent jogging these hills. He was older, white hair, slightly balding. He’s JOGGING this. Obviously he saw me coming and just jogged until I went by. Then probably hopped in his car, went back to his camper and chugged the rest of the water he had with him. 

I decide to stop and take my coat off. Tied and knotted it up around my seat hoping it did not backfire and get hung up on my tire. But with a shirt and sweatshirt already on, I was dying. 

To speed this story up. I go up hill, up hill, down hill, flat area, up hill, up hill, down hill, up hill, up hill, flat area. And sprinkle in a few lake scenery glimpses in there. So after all the up hills, I hit the down hill. The BIG down hill. Sent me sailing at 26 mph down hill (that’s how fast my speedo said anyway). Oh yeah, home free baby !!!  All the way back down to my camper.

Clearly I was delusional from overheating and lack of water. Because as I hit the flat area at the bottom of this glorious down hill, I spot it.

Holy Muchachas, Mt. Everest appeared before my eyes. 

Seriously, what god-for-sakin-moron put all these hills on this road. Anyone ever heard of a blastin bulldozer for smoothing this shit out !!  My legs are on fire and feel like jellyfish. And numb at the same time. I accept defeat and hopped off my bike and walked it up this one. Even that was hard. At the top, a great view of the lake. I only had 2 more small hills to get me back to camp. Ready to drink the dog dish water, Ashlyn says “Can we go on the trails today after we play at the park”. 

My goal: And I expect all you readers to hold me to it. All 3 of you !!!  Is to be able to bike this route without anymore near death experiences. Next summers goal is to be able to bike it and jog it. 

At the moment, I did not so much enjoy ‘my time’ this morning. But I did later after the numbness and burning sensation wore off. Obviously there were none of my usually photo’s taken at every step of the way like normal. I apologize for the picture-less post. 

Oh yes, I almost forgot. My total mileage was 3.5 miles. It’s amazing how a flat 12 miles seems effortless. You throw some hills in there, shorten the distance and it raises the difficulty level greatly. It sure felt like 12 miles, all crunched up in hills though. Obviously I was at a plateau and needed a challenge right?  

It’s All Good !  Did you challenge yourself this weekend?


  • Jan June 8, 2015 at 9:34 pm Reply

    I think hills on a bike are way worse than hills on foot!

  • Everyday Snapshot June 9, 2015 at 5:44 pm Reply

    Without even running it yet, I'm going to have to agree with you on that one !!!

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