Throwback Snow Day

Snapfish emailed me a “Remember 10 years ago” memory. This was back at the old country house and both Ashlyn and Spencer were just little spring chickens.

Her and I sledding down our big backyard hill. It wasn’t long before she was going by herself and love it.
play in snow (1)

Building a ginormous snowman. That Spencer would steal the scarf off of and Toby would jump up and eat the carrot nose. haha (Notice both are already missing.)
play in snow (2)

Spencer was always a good jumper and catcher in his youth. Love to run and run and run. Catch Frisbee’s 5′ in the air. And he loved him some snowball fights! Oh I should go back and find the picture’s of him stealing the show at water activities. Water balloon fights, playing in the sprinkler, swimming in the kiddie pools. The kids hated him some days. He would jump and intercept the water balloons. Major water hog in the sprinkler. And he’d jump right in the kiddie pools and run off with the squeezy fish !!!  He has even caused problems during bathtub time if the door isn’t shut !  hahaha Toby just prefers all spectator sports.
play in snow (3)

Hope you are all having a great day.


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