The Flowers Lived

Remember the seeds that we planted awhile back? Well by some kind of miracle, they lived!

Here they are going from the egg carton to the pots with the assistance of Chika.

The Flowers Lived

They were Cosmos or Petunia’s or something like that. The picture of them was in the original post I linked above. Can’t believe they made it this far really.

Flowers 2

They are doing decently well too.

Flowers 3

This is the Lavendar. Although it doesn’t look like the picture on the package of seeds yet, it does smell like lavender already. This one said do not over water, it prefers to be on the dryer side.  Perfect!! It will do well here.

Flowers 4

The following are just some flowers that were given to us at bridal showers and weddings.

Flowers 5

They’ve lasted longer than I thought they would.

Flowers 6

Obviously, plants typically don’t do well here.

Flowers 7

I realize all they really need is proper sunlight and some water but for some reason that seems to be a hard task.

Flowers 8


Are you good with plants and flowers… or not so much?

What are your favorites?

Do you garden and plant veggies too?


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