Testing Family Photo Spot

I found these photo’s and I think they might me from over a year ago. I can only assume I was scoping out a place to take family photo’s.

m wildlife (1)

Kind of pretty, guess we’ll have to go back and forget about it this time. I do remember this picture though. About not like the edge of it, no railing or nothing. Just straight down.

m wildlife (2)

m wildlife (3)

m wildlife (4)

Would have made great photo’s. And maybe good fishing too.

m wildlife (5)

The mowed out spot would be a good one.

m wildlife (6)

By golly, we’ll have to come back here for family photo’s. Obviously, I’m thinking it’s why I went in the first place.

m wildlife (7)

I want on the rock with Ashlyn though. I’m not standing in those tick infested weeds !

m wildlife (8)

m wildlife (9)

Have a great day.

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