Swimming Pool Deck Railing Update

I have had several messages lately about if we ever finished our deck railing and also a few about the pool we have. I didn’t realize it but I guess I never did finish showing you the final railing once painted. That might be because it’s finish/not finished. But I’ll show you where we’ve left it at this point.

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Swimming Pool Deck Railing Update

First thing. The pool. Pools and supplies have been a nightmare the last year or so. We purchased this one prior to covid. So when people ask how much we paid for it, and I tell you $1200, please know that was pre-covid price. We purchased it in 2018.  That was $1200 for all of it. The pool, pump and all. We purchased this one, Intex 24’x12’x52″ Rectangular Pool with Sand Filter Pump and Salt Water System. It came with the pump, salt water system, ground cloth, pool cover, brush, net, pole, vacuum head & hose and volleyball net & ball. Only thing we purchased separate was a solar cover. We got that and the pool from Amazon, and currently both are unavailable. Since covid and all the craziness, the price has been all over the place, up to $3500 at one point. I know you can still find this one that’s not salt water at a reasonable price but if you want the salt water system it seems to be higher. You’ll just have to search around a bit. Price shop and see what bundle you can find if you want everything included. We sure do LOVE it. It’s been an excellent pool. I would highly recommend it.
1 pool (1)

The only thing I didn’t love was the vacuuming hose. The hose itself was not real flexible and caused many f-bombs and flying parts when I’d use it. And I tend to vacuum frequently. So I purchased a rechargeable hose-less one from Farm & Fleet and it’s been the best thing ever !!!! No anger issues at all !!!   I see it’s no longer available at Farm & Fleet or Amazon. So in case this link ever expires, I’ll tell you which one it is too. It’s the Pool Blaster Millennium Li Pool Vacuum. There are many different Pool Blaster vacuums, I can only say I love this one. I have not tried any others. Have had it for a few years, no problems at all and I use it every few days. Great suction power, rolls good, easy to clean filter, easy to maneuver in pool. No complaints and absolutely nothing negative to say about it at all. Worth every penny.

Pool Blaster Millennium Li Vacuum
Photo credit: Tractor Supply stock photo.

Just a few other areas in our pool area. Couple seating areas. Some towel hanging hooks on the fence. Above the towels is a motion sensor light for when it gets dark.
2 seating (3)

Obviously an umbrella and table.
2 seating (2)

Oh yea, see the triangle canopy. I made that ! I couldn’t find a triangle sun shade that would fit on those posts. So a gray bed sheet got converted with elastic straps to pop over the top of the posts. My sewing abilities are limited, so I’m surprised this actually worked. There are flaws, it could be better but I’m okay with good enough.
2 seating (1)

A firepit area of course. We can’t get by without that.
2 seating (1)

So back to the deck railing I’ve been getting messages about. We just put white lattice up and had to wait for the wood to dry out before we could paint it. We removed the lattice and got to painting. Just the railing though. Basically anything that was against the lattice, we wanted white as well.
3 railing (1)

Here are a few picture’s of it all done.

3 railing (2)

3 railing (3)

3 railing (4)

We just can’t decide if we want to paint the deck floor, steps and the bigger frame boards all gray or leave it natural wood. We may paint the side of the frame boards and side of the steps gray and just leave the deck floor and steps. They have a special paint for it, some are gritty and some are not. We are just hesitant because we are not sure how well it will hold up. With all the foot traffic and salt water can be a little harsh, we don’t want it to all flake off or wear off. Then it won’t look good and we’ll be getting pieces of paint in the pool that stick to your feet as it flakes off.  If it does do that, I am NOT sanding it all down. So for now, until we decide, we are just leaving it bare wood.
3 railing (5)

The ends on the left and under the steps we left open with no lattice so we have a convenient place to store pool toys and floaties under there overnight and they won’t (or shouldn’t) blow away.
3 railing (6)

There you have it. As final of a project as we are going to get.

What good ideas have you created in your pool area?

Any experience painting a deck floor with that gritty floor paint?

I hope you enjoy your Friday and weekend.

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