Swimmin’ with the Fishies

So, remember on a recent post I showed you how much Chika likes the fish tank? She likes to lean on it like this or sit on the top & watch them.
Swimmin’ with the Fishies

Since she likes water, she really wants to get her paws in the water flow of the filter. She also loves to come right up to it when we feed them and stick her nose right there close to the water. When she hears the lid come off or food container, she comes running.
Fair Fish and Chika (2)

She also snoozes on the top.
Fair Fish and Chika (4)

The fish used to be on the table in the above pictures. Ashlyn has since rearranged her room and they are now on the table below with Chika’s cat tree next to it. Her cat tree was next to the other table too. So very similar.

There are no pictures or videos for this story. You have no idea how I wish there was a video. About a month ago around 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm. We were thinking about getting ready for bed. When I take the lid to the fish tank off, I set it right on Chika’s cat tree. One, because there’s really nowhere else to set it. Two, because then Chika knows it off since she can’t jump up there without jumping on it. And three, because then she’s less likely to pester the fish when I just need a few seconds to feed them.

On this late evening getting ready for bed. Ashlyn took the lid off and set it on the floor leaning up again the table. I was going to tell her, maybe she should set it on the cat tree, that way Chika knows the lid is off. Right as I had the thought but before words came out of my mouth, Chika came barreling in 100 mph. She intended to jump on the cat tree and then right on top of the lid. Like she does very frequently. But because she didn’t know the lid was off, she jumped at full speed like the blue line in the picture below…Boing, Boing, Up & OVER…… AND STRAIGHT INTO THE FISH TANK !!!  It was all so fast there was literally no time to react. About the time I stepped towards her to get her out she managed to get herself out, hit the floor wet, hurt her back leg a bit but was fine. Holy macaroni I couldn’t believe what just happened!!  There was so much water everywhere.

Water from the splash, water from Chika’s soaked body, who is now running through the house soaking wet. I was honestly stunned. Oh, and when Chika jumped in, Ashlyn dropped the fish food on the floor then the splash got it wet. You ever cooked instant mashed potatoes? That’s kind of what wet fish food does. We wiped up all the floor. We gave Chika a bath. Then we replaced the water lost in the tank. Heck of an evening. The following morning, it was finally funny, and we wished we would have happened to have it on video. And no, we will NOT be reenacting it !

So, hey Ashlyn, let’s start setting the lid on the cat tree when we feed the fish, okay.  haha  Just a few seconds late on that.

Also, can you imagine those fish. All their mouths gaping at the top of the water, knowing food is coming…. instead, you get a fat cat sunami coming right at you !!!!

What funny animal stories do you have?

Ever had your cat jump in your fish tank?

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