Summer Catch Up

Ever seen the show Chopped and Chopped Jr. on Food Network? Ashlyn is a little obsessed lately. Jamie’s breakfast cinnamon butter bread, cheese slice and coffee granules in cold water. (yes it got hid at the bottom of the garbage)


Lot’s of summer festivities included face painting, which is a must in her book. She hit every single one.


One of our most favorite inexpensive things to do is go park hopping and picnics. We didn’t have a whole lot of time this summer (it was a busy one), and we didn’t branch out too far, but we did hit up a few.

park hopping (1)

park hopping (2)

park hopping (3)

park hopping (4)

park hopping (5)

park hopping (6)

Summer reading. Always a good time, excellent program and one of her favorites. Congrats to her, she got 1st place this year. She was shocked and excited.

summer reading (1)

summer reading (2)

summer reading (3)

I refuse to except that our dogs are spoiled. I won’t have it.

Toby and Ashlyn sleeping

A little torrential downpour that leaked into the garage, got some highly important business paperwork wet. But it dried up fairly decent and gave Ashlyn some major chore marks one afternoon. She had to switch boxes and relabel the new ones.

wet boxes

Although this is extremely late, I hope you all had a great fun filled summer.

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