Street Painting

Happy New Year Friends !! I do believe we have made it through a very crappy and sick January. I think we are on the mend and ready for a great and healthy 2022.

I have several events that never got posted from last year. Well, it’s not that they just never got posted, it’s that I never got around to posting them. They sat on the back burner too long. I’m going to catch them all up in the next few days for you. This is from last summer and it’s one of our favorite summer events at a nearby town. It’s a 4th of July street painting for all ages.
Street Painting

This time she decided to do a festive Minion. ┬áThe previous street they used was smoother and easier to paint on. This street worked better for them but it’s bumpier and harder to paint on. Definitely giving the kids more of a challenge. She usually outlines it in chalk first. Then gets to painting.
Street Painting 2021 (1)

They usually have over 100 squares. I like that there are no age restrictions on this, it’s a fun activity for them all. We love coming back the next day and looking at everyone’s great paintings.
Street Painting 2021 (2)

What I love most is that they are not judged. No 1st, 2nd or 3rd. No prizes. Nothing. Which is nice, it’s keeps it a casual fun family activity.
Street Painting 2021 (3)

Dumping that paint in there to fill those bumps in the street. I’d have to guess the town provides much more paint than they used too. haha.
Street Painting 2021 (4)

She’s sprinkling on glitter, I really wish you could see it, but it just doesn’t like to show up in pictures. When it’s sunny like this, the glitter really sparkles and shimmers so much. Looks so cool when the kids use it.
Street Painting 2021 (5)

We usually get there right at start time to beat the heat. As you can see, it’s already filling up, but she has her area to herself at the moment.
Street Painting 2021 (6)

Here’s her final painting. Just imagine a ton of glitter around there sparkling away.
Street Painting 2021 (7)

You might be wondering why I’m in the picture here since I didn’t paint any of it. But I am an important part of this process. I am the paint runner when she’s out, the paint and brush organizer and mixer, the water supplier, the get me this & get me that person. So I consider myself important enough for one photo.
Street Painting 2021 (8)

Better late than never in showing you these. Always excited for the next years to come and what idea she has to paint. Such a fun day. It’s like good ol fashion fun. Just kids and family’s having a good time, not judging or arguing over who’s is better or not. We need more of this. When I was a kid, in this same town, you painted on the store windows downtown. They have since moved it to street painting. But I do remember doing this myself as a kid.

Does your town have a street or window painting day for kids?

Any other small town good ol fashion fun in your town?

What’s your favorite summer 4th of July activity?



  • Cruella January 22, 2022 at 3:09 pm Reply

    That is super cool and I LOVE Minions! And who doesn’t love glitter? Do they use regular paint or something that washes off?

    • Everyday Snapshot January 23, 2022 at 7:54 am Reply

      Yea you’re always good with a Minion. Oh the glitter just really sets it off in the sun, I wish it would have photographed better. It’s regular paint, so it’s on the street for several weeks/months before it wears off.

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