Stick Bomb

Ever heard of a stick bomb? I hadn’t either. I think that’s what it is called anyway.  These are the random things that are built here daily.  This one is very cool !!

You weave pop-cycle sticks together. Being careful to start and stop it correctly so it holds together before your ready.
Stick Bombs (1)

You let one end go, and it flies apart in a wave. Like when a crowd of people do the wave, like that but with pop-cycle sticks.
Stick Bombs (2)

It goes quick !
Stick Bombs (3)

This is just a random photo in here because we’ve never seen these balloons so HUGE !!
Huge Balloons

Here is the video of the stick thing.

(video length  :23)


Ever made one of these?

Share your fun ideas ! We love this stuff !

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