Spring Flowers

Is anyone else getting ready for sunny 70 degree days? Green grass coming up? Spring flowers peeking through?  We sure are over at our house !!  Big time ready for spring.

We thought we’d give some flowers a shot this year. We usually just buy them all ready to go but sometimes we try to grow things ourselves. Veggies or flowers. Growing, especially from the start, is not really our strong suit. We continue to try though. So far so good. At least something is coming up.

Spring Flowers

Ashlyn is trying Cosmos’s and Petunia’s. I am trying Lavender. If it grows I’m hoping it is really fragrant. If it doesn’t grow, I’m going to buy some. I want a small pot of it sitting on our front porch as well as on the table in our pool area. It looks pretty and smells so good.

Flower Packets

Here are some of Ashlyn’s flowers. They are doing really good. I’d say about half of what she planted came up. Which is great odds we think.

Flowers (2)

Here is one of her Petunia’s.

Flowers (3)

Here is one of my Lavener’s. They were planted a week or so behind hers. So we’ll see. Wish us luck.

Flowers (4)

I hope you are as excited about Spring as we are. I think Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons. Then Fall. Not Winter at all. If I could just cycle through Spring, Summer and Fall I’d be a happy camper. Maybe one day.

Do you attempt to grow flowers?

What about veggies/fruits?

Do you container plant? (That’s our only option at the moment). 


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