Spice Rack

Hey guys !  I wanted to show you my newest space saving item. My spice cabinet has always been an unorganized mess. I’ve tried several things to find a solutions but none of them were very good or long lasting.

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I’ve mostly had my spices in a cupboard. I tried them flat in a draw. I’ve had various stackable containers. I had those rings that stick to the door and you snap them in. I think they are technically made or intended for RV’s. They worked good enough but you were limited on the size you could buy. They had to fit in the rings and there was only one size. I tried that little stair step thing. They start off low and end up about 3 rows higher. That was ok but you still knocked the front ones over to get to the back. Which is the most common problem. It’s cluttered, and you have to move them all or knock them over to get to what you want. I even had the rack that goes all along the three cupboard edges and you just put your bigger ones in the open space in the center. Again, it was ok but didn’t seem to hold up well. But was a decent design and idea.

So my latest attempt is this style of rack. There were 3 other similar ones. I liked a different one better but it came down to size and what would fit best in this cupboard. So far….. I think it’s working out quite well !! And I like this option best so far. I’ve only had it for about a week. So time will tell.

Spice Rack

It comes with 18 jars (the other one I liked had 24 but was longer of course). They have the rubbery shaker top but not the pour spout or teaspoon side, then the lid screws on. You can label them yourself. Some of the other ones came with labels, but I didn’t mind making my own.

Spice Rack (2)

I do think it’s helping to keep them organized, be able to see them all and quickly grab what you need without knocking everything over to get there. It can go right on your counter of course but I have limited counter space so I prefer everything to be put away as much as possible. Here is the link to this spice rack only if you are interested. You’ll have to search a similar search to see the others available.

What are your spice rack solutions?

Have any good ideas for the big utensil saga?

What about pans?


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