Special Events

Just a couple events from earlier this year. I don’t like to overshare on these things, so photos are minimal but didn’t want to completely let it go either.

Someone in the house promoted in school. They don’t call it graduation until high school here. It was super windy this day, I’m not sure how we got a picture with no shirts or skirts flying up or hair in our faces.

Special Events

She picked the dress out and it looked so nice on her.

Events 01

Proof that she made it. Her cheeks are a bit red here, it was a little toasty in the gym.

Events 03

She got her nails done for the special day.

Events 04

They turned out so pretty.

Events 05

On a different day we had a little party for her with many friends and family. Again, the day was a little toasty, but we were grateful we had a beautiful day with no rain to be able to celebrate.

Events 06

She also got confirmed this year. I didn’t take a lot of photos, and most of the ones I did take had all the other kids in them too.

Events 07

Little bit of a squinty face as it was soooo bright out. There were so many cars for the confirmation, but I’d like to have her stand in front of the church on a day with no people or cars in the way and get a photo with her and the whole church in it.

Events 08

Congrats Ashlyn on your year filled with many special events.

Events 09

Have a great day friends.

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