Small Town Fun

Over a month ago now, we had a little shin-dig for the kids going on in our small town. Those are always the best. Lot’s of picture’s explain more than me babbling on. 

Well, one quick little story. When we got there, before anything really started she said she had a bellyache. So I suggested we could sit under a tree in the shade while we waited. That she should look for a 4-leaf clover. Figuring it would kill time and take her mind off her bellyache. She literally plopped down, reached down and pulled one out. Really. Really?  So that was done and over in 3 seconds.

FIA 01

FIA 02

They had face painting.
FIA 03

They had pumpkin painting.
FIA 04

Balloon creations.
FIA 05

A unicorn.
FIA 06

Cookie decorating.
FIA 07

Picture of her and I when we were not ready. We don’t ever get our picture together since I’m always the one behind the camera not in front of it. Not having a very good hair day was I.
FIA 08

You can never go wrong with bouncy houses, ever.
FIA 09

Tractor pull, she did not place but did very well.
FIA 10

Barrel races on stick ponies. She placed 1st. (remember the 4 leaf cover for good luck)
FIA 11

FIA 12

Chase your chicken or duck over the finish line. She placed 1st. (remember the 4 leaf clover for good luck).
FIA 13

This is so funny to watch. Those poor chickens and ducks. I bet they sleep good after this.
FIA 14

She was so excited. She usually does well at things, but rarely wins. Which is good to teach her well about winning isn’t everything, and all of these events are for fun.
FIA 15

Well she did have fun, but dang was she excited. She got 2 1st place medals. She’s never won anything before, she was very very excited. We’ve got them proudly displayed in her room. She was impressed that they were real metal, and not plastic. In her eyes, it’s the real deal then. Guess that 4 leaf clover really did bring her good luck. We kept it, though a leaf fell off by the time we got home, but we still kept it.
FIA 16

A good ole fun haystack scramble. Or straw. But strawstack scramble sounds funny. Either way, they found a lot of good treasures.
FIA 17

A lot of good treasure’s and none of it was candy !!!!   YAY.
FIA 18

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