Small Town Fun Days

Nothing better than all the small town activities that go on during the summer. We go to them every year. I post about them every year. So here they are again. 

Tons of kids games.
fun days (3)

Face painting is always a favorite.
fun days (4)

Small petting and feeding zoo.
fun days (1)

Oi !!  Cheap shot. Ouch.
fun days (2)

Looking at skeeters and other bugs.
fun days (5)

Making molds of various animal feet.
fun days (6)

Making beaded bracelets.
fun days (7)

Never in a million years did I think this would ever happen. I sure as heck won’t ever be holding one. She started holding them without me seeing her, so I missed a picture of her holding the big one.
fun days (8)

Yuck! Gives me the willy’s !
fun days (9)

Seeing friends there makes everything more fun.
fun days (10)

The Daisy Smock for Girl Scouts. They were in the parade.
fun days (11)

These tattoo’s were pretty neat. They actually felt soft and were supposed to stay on for up to 7 days. Ashlyn is a picker and picked her’s off the same afternoon. So it might have lasted 7 hours.
fun days (12)

A few rides and bouncy houses. I don’t do spinny rides, up and down like roller coasters I’m good with. Spinning….not so much.
fun days (13)

Good thing Ashlyn’s friends Mom is the Rock Star Spinner. They were smokin !
fun days (14)

The Daisy’s getting ready for the parade.It appears they are sampling the candy they are to throw out.
fun days (15)

fun days (16)

Tractor pulls for kids.
fun days (17)

Minnow races!  These were so funny. These gutters were sealed and filled with water. The guy holds a thing to block the minnows at the front of the gutter. The kids take a spoon, and when he says “Go” they tap the gutter an see who’s minnow’s get to the end quickest. The kids loved it. Was kind of funny too.
fun days (18)

Good times were had. Kids were dirty and tired. Was a great weekend. Sometimes these small town events are more fun and traveling to a bigger city with big events. What do you think?

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