Small Town Fun Days

Don’t you just love the small town fun days they provide. Sometimes they are better than big city festivals. I only have a couple of photo’s to share because I didn’t carry my camera around this year. Sometimes you feel ‘out’ of it when you take too many photo’s, I feel like I enjoy the activities more if I leave the camera at home. It’s hard to explain, but viewing it through the lens doesn’t feel like you are enjoying it ‘with’ your kids so much. So I carried my pocket camera and only took a couple. 

Face painting is always one of her favorite things to have done.

face paint (2)

A friend and I walked the 5K.

A small petting zoo at a conservation park. They had all kinds of fishing and games to do. This is a little too much face to face with a llama for me.
cons park (1)

cons park (2)

cons park (3)

Owl Pellets. This was sort of disgusting. All the kids loved it !  You basically root through owl puke to find the bones that wouldn’t digest from the small creature it has eaten. A- had several skulls and bones in her pellet.
cons park (4)

Then you take it to a microscope and look at it much closer.
cons park (5)

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  • Jan June 10, 2014 at 4:52 pm Reply

    Small towns are the best!!

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