Slime is coming around our house again. This summer alone, I wish I had invented Elmer’s Glue. Wow !!!

This time she’s making the Borax version but seems like there are a million of new recipes this year.

The contact solution version is a good one too.  And definitely the shaving cream one.

slime (2)

I think all versions are fun. This one isn’t sticky, doesn’t leave a film on your hands and was cheap and easy.

slime (3)

She wasn’t quite done with the green yet but I snagged the photo before she was ready. It did turn out smooth like the others.

slime (4)

She has now moved on to creating her own slime. She doesn’t measure anything, so it’s nothing I can post. But she’s gotten quite good at it. The little chemist.

What version of slime do you make?

Do your kids even like slime?

Please share any good recipe you have.

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