Sky Watchers Book

Awhile back I told you I had a book to read and get back to you on. I finally read it and would like to tell you about it.

I had a friend in high school who stayed in our hometown and raised her kids there. One of her sons recently wrote his first novel ! How exciting is that !?  I only know about a fraction of the effort it takes to write, edit and publish a book. Many, many steps in this process, as well as a great expense. I’m proud of this young man for giving it his all, tackling all the hurtles that’s involved and putting it out there.
Sky Watchers Book

The book is called Sky Watchers. The author is Elliot Casson.  The book description is…. “James “JJ” DeCrane is a passionate young man, just out of high school. As he prepares to face the changes that will bring him to his future, he recounts the events of five formative years in his past.  Whether it’s with nostalgic longing or critical, regretful hindsight, JJ details the significant experiences of himself and Casey, his younger sister, during their time in Lenaire, a small Illinois town.”

The character in the book brings you through his high school years and all the rough things that come with it. Dealing with a broken home life which includes some alcoholism, friends at school, bullies and some peer pressure.  He also includes all the fun things about adolescence and summertime with good friends. What was really neat about the book for those of us that grew up in this same hometown was the references he made to some of the landmarks and things from childhood. That was really cool because as a kid I did some of the same things or knew exactly what he was referring too in some of the little familiar snippets that he put in there.

Sky Watchers (1)
Photo Credit: book cover photo from Amazon.

So if this book sounds like it might interest you, I believe it’s only available on Amazon at the moment. I bought the kindle version but I later heard there are some photos in the actual book that he took from our actual little town. Oh, I almost forgot. His mom, my friend, said that he took this photo (in the above picture) that was used on the cover of the book. I thought that was pretty neat too.
Sky Watchers (3)

This is Elliot Casson’s first novel and I wish him all the best in future books he may write. I hope his talent and love of writing brings him much joy and success.

What good books have you read lately?

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

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