Silicone Baking Mat – Review

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When I first saw these, I had my doubts. Just didn’t think they would do what they claim. Let’s cover the mat stats first.

  • Eco-friendly, naturally non-stick, reusable – can be used for any baking recipe. No need for oiling or buttering your pan, no need for parchment paper.
  • Made of premium quality non-toxic materials. BPA free & FDA approved.
  • Can be used at temps ranging from –40F to 482F.
  • It’s made of fiberglass & silicone and can be reused thousands of times. (do not cut on it)
  • Dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven-safe.
  • Can also be used for rolling out pastry dough.
  • Mat thickness is 0.75 mm.
  • Easy to clean. Wipe with hot soapy water, lay flat or hang to dry.

silicone baking mat (1)


The size they state is right on. They state the large mat is 16.4” x 11.6” and it fit my 16.5” x 12” pan perfectly. Like a glove. The small mat is listed at 8.64 x 11.5”. Again, fit perfect.

silicone baking mat (2)

silicone baking mat (4)

silicone baking mat (3)

I’ll be honest, cookies & bread was a big concern. I didn’t have faith in the mats. Not at all. Did they bake well? Did they brown nicely?  Oh hell yes they did !!!! 

I found that I still used the same baking time that I did without the mats. So length of time was not affected. 

Cookies (1)

You could even pick them right up off the mat once they cooled enough to touch.

Cookies (2)

From cookies, to breads, to fish, to chicken… has baked wonderfully. Very pleased with all of the outcomes. I was worried things wouldn’t brown up on these mats, but it absolutely does.

I made these Garlic Cheddar biscuits with cookies before that, fish after, more bread, then chicken. There have been no flavor transfers.

garlic cheddar biscuits (1)


This is absolutely true. I’ve cooked various things to put it through the test. I haven’t had anything stick. I purposely made sure shredded cheese got spilled over and burnt on there….and it came right off. The little pizza’s, chicken, fish and cookies I baked…..nothing stuck, not even a little.

eng muf pizzas (1)

The cheese did burn on like I was hoping it would.

eng muf pizzas (2)


Clean up could not be easier. Burnt chunks fall right off. Mat washes off so easily. Clean up has been a breeze.

eng muf pizzas (4)

You could literally shake most of it to the middle.

eng muf pizzas (5)

These are still fairly new to me, so I cannot say how they hold up long term yet. As far as my opinion for as long as I have used them, the mat does exactly everything it’s claims too. Baking has been less messy. Clean up has been a breeze. The food bakes really well, and the messy spill over’s just peel right off. I haven’t had to scrub a pan since getting these. I think they’ve been excellent and I won’t be able to live without them from now on out.

Have you ever used a silicone baking mat?

Baking anything good today?


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