Sidewalk Chalk Art

Getting outside and having fun with sidewalk chalk yesterday. Maybe I’m a little biased, but she’s a very good artist. Since we didn’t have any sunshine yesterday, she drew some for us.
Sidewalk Chalk Art

In case you are wondering how to blend sidewalk chalk like this. I have one very dirty sweatshirt sleeve in the laundry. I know the chalk will come out, I’m just hoping for no snags. Kids, kids, kids.
Sidewalk Chalk (2)

This is a fun one that we did years ago !  Looking back at it now, the balloons should have been much bigger in order to carry her away.
Sidewalk Chalk (3)

Do you have any creative little people in your house?

Have you ever tried the puffy sidewalk chalk that you mix together?

Other good outside artsy ideas?


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