Screened in Porch 2021

In the Fall of 2021 we decided to screen in our porch. We watched a lot of YouTube videos and decided to tackle it ourselves.

Here is a before of the porch.

Screened in Porch 2021

Another before of ‘inside’.

Screened in Porch (2)

And one more before picture.

Screened in Porch (3)

We got all the 2×4’s and 4×4’s needed to frame it up and we reused the same spindles. The painting process began. Paint, flip, paint, flip, paint, flip…

Screened in Porch (4)

Railing and spindles are gone. We took out the current posts and replaced them with 4×4’s for support. We needed them to be smooth, even though we liked the decorative ones better. Those just wouldn’t have worked.

Screened in Porch (5)

Getting everything measured, spaced and framed was a little tricky in some areas but not too bad.

Screened in Porch (6)

We shortened the spindles. After looking at a gazillion photos of other porches with railings, we decided we liked this style and height best.

Screened in Porch (7)

Chika was supervising from inside.

Screened in Porch (8)

The black you see is the channeling I believe it was called. In which the screen will be attached to. We were not liking the black look at all but just had to be patient.

Screened in Porch (9)

The new screen door is now partially installed being held for extra support with a pumpkin.

Screened in Porch (10)

The little spindles are done. The black channeling is done. Door is done.

Screened in Porch (11)

Screened in Porch (12)

Just had to touch up the spindles with white paint before installing the screen.

Screened in Porch (12.5)

Screened in Porch (13)

Here goes the screen. Even though you can’t tell from the picture, it was SO COLD outside. We had a firepit in the driveway to warm our hands up.

Screened in Porch (14)

And finally, the white cap on top. Much better than the black.

Screened in Porch (15)

Working our way around getting it nice and tight.

Screened in Porch (16)

From the inside. The screen is in but we went with a medium gray so it’s hard to see.

Screened in Porch (17)

Screen is all done and really taking shape.

Screened in Porch (18)

Finishing up the white caps.

Screened in Porch (19)

Ta-Da !!!! The final screened in porch !  The only thing not done is the small section right above the door. We had to get a certain piece of wood for up there and paint it and it was the only thing not done.

Screened in Porch (20)

We love the outcome and have thoroughly enjoyed it this year.

Screened in Porch (21)

Looks wise we love it and bug free wise we of course love it.

Screened in Porch (22)

It was way too cold, but Chika also really loves hanging out on the porch.

Screened in Porch (23)

Screened in Porch (24)

Have you tackled any home improvement projects lately?

Ever finished up a project at the brisk of winter right before the snow came like we did?


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