River Rat

After eating at one of our favorite restaurants, Sneaky Pete’s in LaClaire, IA, we always end up down by the water. She’d rather play by and in the water than eat at the really good restaurant.

Sneaky Pete's 001

Every time we go, we have to make sure we have time to go explore.

Sneaky Pete's 003

Although it may appear I’m contemplating pushing her in, I don’t believe that was the case.

Sneaky Pete's 006

She finds so much junk, I mean treasures, that we bring home smelling like dead fish.

Sneaky Pete's 012

But she has fun, so that’s all that matters, right?

Sneaky Pete's 014

I do try to put her in the nicest cleanest shirt.

Sneaky Pete's 015

Sneaky Pete's 016

Sneaky Pete's 018

Sneaky Pete's 019

It is pretty if you wanted a few nice photo’s in this general area.

Sneaky Pete's 020

This must be the favorite spot. There’s always kids waiting to take their turn.

Sneaky Pete's 025

Same place, same spot, 6 years ago when she was 2.


Sneaky Pete's 026

Do you or your kids have a love of the water?

Do you allow your kid to wear a dirty shit even if it’s their favorite? Or is that just me?
In my defense…some of that dirt was new, and some is stained permanently. 

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