River Front Relaxing

A friend of mine has a little summer home on a river nearby and we’ve never visited her there. So at the beginning of summer, we planned a day for us to come out. Since we are very water driven. Love being in it, on it, near it. Love throwing rocks in, dangling toes in. So by the end of summer, as in very later summer, we FINALLY made it happen. 

Do you know how relaxing it is here? Even though she’s darn near right in town, it seems like you are forever away from everything.
river (1)

I’m thinking we’ll have to move in with her next summer. Shhh, don’t tell her.
river (2)

Chillin on the dock after we had lunch. Speaking of lunch. It was so good. We had hot dogs cooked on the fire. Noodle salad, 7 layer salad, watermelon, tomato’s. Yummy lunch. 
river (3)

Even though this particular river is not one you’d love to linger in. Just saying, it’s not the cleanest by far. As in, pretty grody really. But you’d never know it by those pretty reflections in the water on a nice sunny day.
river (4)

A- loved when a boat would go by and the waves would rock the dock.
river (5)

Ok, how long has it been since any of you has skipped rocks?  You would think this wasn’t a big deal. Teaching A- how to skip them, she actually had the best skipper of the day. But we skipped rocks, trying to perfect the technique for several, several hours. You would not believe how sore our arms were. Not A-s am either. Me and T’s arm. Holy Moly, 3-4 days later we still had complaints about it. Clearly, we were a little rusty.
river (6)

Awww. T- and A-.
river (7)

S mores time!!
river (8)

Do you know how flippin hard it is to get in one of these?  We got A- in, she looked like a banana when that net went all the way up. Then T- proceeded to show A- how it’s done. And I’ve not heard A- laugh that hard in a long time. All though I can say it was as comical as I want, when it was my turn, I did NOT do any better. All we got to say is, thank goodness A- doesn’t know how to turn the video on to my camera yet. And she was too distracted by laughing to think of using the camera herself, which she does know how to do.
river (9) 
Thanks for a great day T-.  See you there next summer. 

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