Refinish Concrete Statues

Well here we are again. Refinishing these concrete statues. Basically, everything we did before was possibly all wrong and opposite of what we should have done. This time around I did a little more research and watched some videos. So, let’s see if this time works better.
Refinish Concrete Statues

I prepped the statue by just cleaning it off, chipping away loose paint and sanding any edges of paint still sticking. This poor guy has some cracks and a broken tail but still hanging in there.
Turtle Concrete (3)

Got my base layer of black on and let it dry.
Turtle Concrete (7)

Then took green and brushed it on using a technique I saw in a video. He didn’t turn out like I was picturing he would, but I still like the final outcome very much!
Turtle Concrete (16)

Not to toot my own horn but I think the shell turned out really good.
Turtle Concrete (18)

Looks a little lighter in the sun. He was supposed to be kind of two toned green, but ended up being all the same green.
Turtle Concrete (23)

Either way, I really like him and I hope this time it works and doesn’t chip off.
Turtle Concrete (21)

I forgot to take a before picture of the bird bath, but it looked the exact same way the turtle did. Really chipped off everywhere and mostly exposed concrete. This is on it’s way back to a new fresh life of paint.
Bird Bath Concrete (1)

I used a gray base for the bird bath.
Bird Bath Concrete (2)

I used a darker gray base for the birds. I wanted the birds to look a little darker than the bird bath itself.
Bird Bath Concrete (3)

I then used the same brush technique with white. Just heavier or lighter depending on the area.
Bird Bath Concrete (5)

It’s far from perfect but I like how it turned out.
Bird Bath Concrete (6)

I really like the bowl and pedestal a lot.
Bird Bath Concrete (7)

The flowers turned out how I was thinking but the leaves eh, not so much. Good enough.
Bird Bath Concrete (10)

I like the wings.
Bird Bath Concrete (11)

I just wasn’t sure on the body of the birds, so I slapped some on the back of the head and belly. I guess that looks ok. The more important point is, it looks much better than it did.
Bird Bath Concrete (12)

Have you ever refinished a concrete project?

Did it last? If so, what was your secret?

What other fun projects are you making?



  • Cruella October 28, 2022 at 6:11 pm Reply

    They look great!

    • Everyday Snapshot October 28, 2022 at 7:50 pm Reply

      Thanks! Keep your fingers crossed I did it right and it lasts this time.

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