Red, White & Blue Nails

I gave holiday red, white and blue nails a shot. Didn’t turn out like I envisioned but good enough. I’m surely not going to redo them.

Red, White & Blue Nails

The red and blue one are good. The white ones aren’t quite like I intended. The photo I tried to mimic was much better, but the online pic was probably professionally done. No way I can mimic that. Still festive enough though.

4th of July nails (2)

These by far will always be one of my absolute favorite! The color is mine. The palm leaf was a Color Street overlay. Favorite !!!!  I need to look for more of these overlays.


What are your favorite nail designs?

Do you love to switch current nails to holiday designs?

Are you a regular polish, gel or dip kinda gal? 


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