Pumpkin Patch

We did the pumpkin patch this year. Same as every year but it’s fun. So I won’t bore you with too many pictures. Just a couple 14 or so. 

patch (1)

patch (2)

patch (3)

patch (4)

THE BEST donuts EVER. A guy makes them in a food trailer at the patch. Still warm….oh my my….the 2 dozen we got wasn’t near enough. We ate 1 dozen there and got 1 to go.
patch (5)

patch (6)

The only reason the chicken made the blog post cut is because doesn’t the thingy on its head look really fake?  I mean, it looks like dried play dough. I badly wanted to tug on it.
patch (7)

A really wants bunnies. A is not getting bunnies anytime soon.
patch (8)

We caused a back up at the mermaid area of the haunted house.
patch (9)

I love when the horses take you for a ride through the orchard instead of the tractor.
patch (10)

patch (11)

patch (12)

This was so cool. A could have stayed in there all day long. Instead of a big sandbox it was filled with corn.
patch (13)

patch (14)

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