Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

I finally found a good decently healthy dog treat recipe that I like. Okay, well “I” personally can’t vogue for it. But I do like the ease of making it, the crunchy treat and they last awhile. More like a biscuit, instead of a soft treat that only lasts for a week. The boys seem to really like them.  

First, you need a cute little helper to crack some eggs. Don’t worry about little pieces of shell, the dogs don’t care.
biscuits (1)

Add the pumpkin. This is NOT the pumpkin pie filling. Use pure pumpkin. 100% pure pumpkin.
biscuits (2)

Squash that bad boy up into a well mixed ball.
biscuits (3)

Roll ‘er out.
biscuits (4)

Cut them how you choose. We opted for a really quick way until we knew if they turned out and were good. Next time we might put a little more effort into the cuteness factor of the cutouts.
biscuits (5)

Place them on a cookie sheet. They will need flipped. Might want to take that into consideration before making 5000 of them like we did.
biscuits (6)

Don’t mind the massive amounts of flour that your helper will insist you need to use. Once you store them in a zip lock bag, most of it does fall off. But again, the dogs not minded that either.
biscuits (7)

The dogs really do absolutely love them. And I love that it’s made from healthy ingredients and nothing that they don’t need. Toby loves that this means he’ll get extras!
biscuits (8)

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  • Jan December 12, 2014 at 10:50 pm Reply

    Your dogs are spoiled I'd say (in reference to you other post w/ the pup on the couch). 🙂 These do look like healthy & easy dog treats! I haven't tried pumpkin treats but I've heard it's good for dogs.

  • Everyday Snapshot December 13, 2014 at 1:18 pm Reply

    My vet had me give it to them for an issue they had once, and I never knew pumpkin was so good for them. Although I read not too much. That's when I came across recipes using it in treats and I thought Perfect ! Combined a few recipes so that it's only easy to find ingredients and easy to make. I like easy.

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