Project 365 – Snowy Trees

Hello Friends. I haven’t forgot about you all. Just been a little sidetracked with some things lately. I’ve started a few posts but then scrapped them because they literally said nothing. It’s amazing how much a pandemic year affects a person’s blog. I don’t have food or craft hobbies or within the house fun stuff going on, just plain boring busy-ness… so there’s just been very little to talk about. Pandemic year mixed with winter equals a very, very boring blog. haha. If any of you are out there still, thanks for hanging with me. Let’s keep our fingers crossed 2021 brings some new hope to everything.

Snow and ice have been showing their ugly faces these past few weeks. Finally feels like full on winter. I’m ready for the strong sun to feel like full on summer though. Ashlyn’s snowman she built for a Snow Day E-learning project, got covered in a blizzard before we got the actual picture of it close up. There’s actually a small snowman to the left of this one, but with the white of the snow you can’t hardly see it.

Project 365 – Snowy Trees

It’s pretty, yes. Very pretty even. But… I’m still ready for it to be over. I’m just not a fan of bundling up and freezing my butt off.

Snowy 2021 (2)

Something I did years and years ago was a project called Project 365. You take a photo a day each day of the year. People have many, many reasons for doing them. Some take only nature shots, some do it to force them to get out there and enjoy things more, some take them only of their hobbies or kids, some do it just for fun. When I did it, a friend had first told me about it and mine was just for fun. It was my very first online space in the world wide web. I created my first blog with it. Between the 2nd and 3rd year, my whole blog got wiped out and deleted. Erased. Never to be found again. That first site and project is actually where the name of my website came from. Since I was taking a ‘snapshot’ of something ‘everyday’, snapshot everyday sounded funny, so I went with everyday snapshot. Just a little backstory for you.

Snowy 2021 (3)

I thought about doing another Project 365 and starting it Jan 1, 2021. I started it, then I quit because I just don’t leave the house enough. The photo’s were just not real interesting. I mean, there are only so many things in my house to take a picture of. Then I thought I could do the same thing once it got nice out and have it be more of a Summer Project 120 or something. Then again, maybe I’ll take some pic’s to catch up and continue with it anyway. But more to my point, my reason for doing it this time will be to get me to use the manual mode on my nice camera more. I’m pretty nervous and skittish using it. The presets seems easier and quicker. So regardless when I start it, I won’t be using any cell phones pics, or any big camera preset pics. Only big camera manual mode pics. Only way to learn it and learn it well, is to practice it frequently.

Look at the tree’s in the below picture. It was like this all through town. It was rather pretty I’ll admit. The south side of town seemed to be prettier than the north side of town. Not sure why that was, but noticed it when dropping Ashlyn off at school.

Snowy 2021 (4)

I’ll let you know when I start my manual mode project. It will most likely be in a different tab at the top of the website. Oh another ‘rule’ to the Project 365 is there are no explanations to the photo. Only the photo itself. I’ll just label it which day it is. That’s it. And just a spoiler alert, while it’s still winter, I don’t venture out much, nor do I take my camera outside in extreme cold or extreme heat, so photos will be a little on the plain side. But my goal is just practicing manual mode, which is better done on still objects anyway. So might be a good way to start out, taking them of things around the house.

Snowy 2021 (5)


Have you ever done a Project 365?

Can you provide a link for us to see? And what was your focus on for your 365?

What are you all having for supper tonight? I need some new ideas to throw in to our rotation?

Are you having winter? Or summer right now?


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