Pretzel Bar

Best Idea Ever!!

Now I have heard of a pretzel bar before but have only seen them a few places. Mostly store type places. We went to a wedding this past weekend and low and behold, they had a dang pretzel bar with all the dipping’s you could think of! I tried the beer mustard and a few others but the gool ol original cheese is my favorite.

Excuse the poor-quality crappy cell phone photo. You still get the idea.

Pretzel Bar

Pretty brilliant huh? It was a neat idea and something different at a wedding. I will say, the pretzels were huge so if it’s an appetizer, splitting it with someone is a good idea. Which I did not!

What is a neat food or candy bar that you’ve seen?

Have you ever seen a pretzel bar like this?

Any other good creative appetizer/snack ideas?


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