Pool Deck

This is the complete opposite season, but this post has been sitting in my drafts since this past summer. I was going to wait until we got the railing done this fall, but since it didn’t happen in the fall, this post continues to sit. I’m going to go ahead and post it since I’m cleaning things up and I’ll do an update this summer when the railing is done.

We have the type of pool that only having the thin flimsy ladder that comes with it isn’t exactly the safest or easiest to use. Especially when kids want to jump off of it, and you are trying to get small grandkids in and out without dropping them. We couldn’t find a deck that would work perfectly, so our only choice was to do it ourselves. Or Jamie did most of it and we assisted really.
Pool Deck

Because our pool bubbles out at the bottom and comes back in at the top, we had some thinking to do. You know the saying measure twice cut once? We did some thinking ten times, measured another ten and cut once. Finally got it framed up and was happy with how it fit against the pool.
Pool Deck (2)

It was much, much heavier to slide back and forth than we expected, but the heavy weight was a good thing. No need to worry about how to bolt it to the concrete. And we also wanted to be able to move it, in case of pool problems and we might need it out of the way. Floor joists were next. All is coming along very well.
Pool Deck (3)

6×10 I think we ended up with. I’d have to go measure. Last summer was too long ago to remember. We are planning on leaving the bottom open, with lattice surrounding it and having one section open to store pool toys under there and not have them blow away.
Pool Deck (4)

It’s taking shape nicely and we love how it ended up fitting against the pool. We kept the lower part back and extended the deck part out to meet the pool edge. Kind of has a lip at that edge.
Pool Deck (5)

There was only one floor board on and Ashlyn and her friend just couldn’t wait any longer. They took the very first jump !
Pool Deck (15)

We picked through these boards carefully at the lumber yard knowing we’d be walking barefoot on them and sitting. Didn’t want sharp or snaggy ones.
Pool Deck (6)

We drilled some holes for the cheap ladder. It works much better and is more sturdy but one day we’ll probably invest in a better ladder.
Pool Deck (7)

Oh look at that !  We just LOVE it. Even without the railing yet.
Pool Deck (8)

Everything ended up fitting and lining up great. Positioning and size of it still gives us plenty of room for our fire pit and seating area.
Pool Deck (9)

We took the easy route on the steps. (Or so we thought). We bought the precut stair risers from Menards.I typically do not like to talk bad about any product or company, but… these risers were the worst cut we’ve ever seen ! They were so uneven and were not cut the same at all. We had 3 risers and 3 different cuts.  We basically should have just made our own for how much work Jamie had to do to get everything even and in line. What a mess and pain in the butt. We got it, but was way more work than it should have been. So much for going the easy route. (Again, should have just made them ourselves I guess).
Pool Deck (10)

They ended up turning out great though.
Pool Deck (11)

Once we determine the exact placement and height of the railing, we’ll cut those posts off of course.
Pool Deck (12)

We had the deck floor come a few inches above the pool edge. We did that to allow for the movement of the pool edge and to avoid finger pinching.
Pool Deck (13)

From above, it overlaps the pool edge perfectly. Nice big flat deck. People can sit and watch, you can dry off, plenty of room for jumpers. We love it ! Glad we made our own.
Pool Deck (14)

Will give you a quick update this summer once the railing and lattice are up.

What big DIY projects have you been doing?

What type of deck do you have around your pool if any?

Recommend any good pool ladders for me?


  • Cruella January 10, 2020 at 9:03 am Reply

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Can you guys build me a deck for my pool? lol

    • Everyday Snapshot January 10, 2020 at 10:54 am Reply

      Absolutely !!! There’s just no guarantee’s, haha. Your pool would look great with a deck like this where your ladder is, rounded on the inside for the shape of yours. The only drawback is, when you are on it, you are at the height of the top of the fence. So now it’s game for all to see !!! But we love the deck so much, I just make it quick when I’m up there.

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