Pool Deck – Progress

Last fall we built the main part of the deck and had the railing left to do.

Since school’s been out, quarantining at home seemed like a good time to do the railing. It was in March and cold, but we got it done and only a small part left to do.

Pool Deck – Progress

Got it all laid out how we wanted and turned out pretty good. The spindles seemed like a tedious pain so we went the easy route with 2×4’s.

Deck Railing (2)

Used some scrap pieces of wood to keep us warm while we worked.

Deck Railing (3)

Here is how it ended up.

Deck Railing (4)

The last thing we have left is to attach lattice all around on the top deck part, not the stairs. To hold the littles kids in from crawling off the edge.

Deck Railing (5)

There will also be lattice down on the lower part, leaving the end by the fence open. We plan to store our pool floats and toys in there so they don’t blow away.

Deck Railing (6)

It’s getting there. Almost done.

Deck Railing (7)

Hope some of your home projects are coming along during quarantine too !!

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