Pool – 1st Swim 2020

It’s POOL SEASON !!!!  WOO-HOO !!!!  It’s what we wait the whole rest of the year for !

Once the pool is ready, cleaned and chemicals are perfect, usually the water temp isn’t yet. Sometimes we just have to wait a little while on that water temperature to rise. I find sitting with your feet in is just as good while you wait.
Pool – 1st Swim 2020

I didn’t have to wait long this year. The past week has been very warm. We didn’t even use the solar cover yet and I was already in it. Of course we opened it up a little bit later than usual. Ahhh, to be able to jump in though. Ashlyn has been gone for a few days, so I even got to enjoy a few splash-free-hog-the-pool-to-myself days. WOW, such luxury.
Swimming (3)

Something so peaceful about the water flow when the filter is on. Serenity in your own backyard. Love it. Best investment ever. Between Ashlyn and I, we’ve completely got our moneys worth out of this pool already.

Actually I use the pool for my exercise any chance I get. Wish I could use it all year long, it’s my best form of exercise for swimming and using water resistance.
Swimming (2)

I wish I could scooch these houses just a bit. They sorta block my sunset view. I mean, it’s a little rude but I’ll take partial view over no view while enjoying an evening swim.
Swimming (4)

Are you a swimmer or a spectator?

Do you have your own pool?

Are you a solo swimmer or a let’s have a party swimmer?


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