Planting Flowers

Several weeks ago when the garden centers opened, we decided it was time for a some potted flowers around here. We already have some Lily Stargazer’s planted (love those), so we didn’t need much. Just something to add to the pool area to spruce it up.
Planting Flowers

Ashlyn did all the planting and placement of them. She even picked out the flowers.
Flowers (2)

She chose Celosia’s for the center main flower.
Flowers (3)

She picked Portulaca’s for some small accents flowers in the pot.
Flowers (4)

My parents gave me a Yellow Pear Tomato Plant. They gave me one last year too, but I killed it. Turns out you should not water it with Miracle Grow every single time you water it. Who knew?! So far so good on this one, it’s still alive. If this tomato plant survives this year, we may attempt a small potted garden next year. I guess they call them container gardens.
Flowers (5)

Ashlyn had made me a cool mug at school for Christmas. Although it was a good idea, it had one small issue. They used the chalk paint to paint it, then added a piece of chalk to the gift so you could write messages on the mug each day. Except that as you drink out of it, you can taste a little paint taste. So we decided it would be a great flower pot and we can still write messages on it.
Flowers (6)

I hope you have planted something bright and pretty this year too. I think everyone can use something bright and cheerful this year.
Flowers (7)

Happy planting friends.

Do you have a green thumb?

Or the thumb of death? You may know which one I have.

What is your favorite flower to plant?


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