Pet City Chicken

So one day, we noticed a chicken right by our house. Not knowing anything about chickens, we offered it dog food. Said chicken snubbed us. We then tried bread and we had a winner. 

He seemed very friendly and we had no idea where he came from. 

So Ashlyn fed it, watered it and really loved it. She’d get up in the morning, after school and before bed and check on the chicken. He’d come running to the edge of the road when he saw her coming but would not cross the road.

chicken (3)

About 3-4 days later….the chicken was no where to be found. And we had one sad little girl on our hands. She just bought chicken feed that day. 

A few days past, and we found out that the chicken and the owner had been reunited. And they are close enough, maybe if we introduced ourselves as the foster family, they’d allow her to visit. 

chicken (2)

She was just so happy to know that the chicken was safe. Sad she didn’t get to care for him, but happy he was back home. Even though she preferred him to stay in the tree’s by us and she take care of him.

chicken (4)

Do you have chickens?

Are they yours or strays?

Do you temporarily foster chickens too?

What else besides bread and chicken feed to they eat?

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