Painting with Friends

It’s been really busy around here lately, with business stuff and taxes. So nothing fun. Not much to post about. So I thought I’d at least share a few pictures of A- having fun with friends. We do have soccer, tee-ball, summer rec, summer reading program and swimming lessons all just around the corner. So I’m sure you’ll be flooded with pictures soon enough. Enjoy my silence while it lasts, it does not happen often. 

Play dough is so nice when you can do it outside !
paint (1)

Trying out some new driveway paint.
paint (2)

paint (4)

paint (3)  

The paint isn’t the best in the world, but it’s certainly a great cheap washable way for kids to have fun. 

I mixed up 4 colors, and then they mixed them from there on the driveway to create other colors. 

Each bowl consists of 1 cup of cornstarch, 3/4 cup water. Mix until smooth (will be thick at first). Add food coloring and stir until you reach your desired color. paint dries a little lighter than it looks. If the paint sits too long, you will need to stir it up occasionally. 

Rain or the hose will wash it off easily. This paint is okay, not the greatest. Anyone have a good recipe or store bought version?

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