New Horse Riding

I’ve had some people ask me how Ashlyn is doing since they don’t see her too much on here. Well, she’s getting older, so you know, friends trump the parents. She simply just doesn’t hang with us as often. And when she is with us, I’m sure you know the rules, don’t take any pictures of them. Yet, they take 5,000 selfies and pics with friends per day.  I get it through, we are completely uncool these days. Actually, I prefer uncool to cool though. haha

She is well though, just living it up in the teen world.

She did move on to a new horse facility. She aged out of the program at her previous place. This new one has no age limit, so she’s good for awhile. Which is good, because she loves it. Here are a couple photo’s, since my quota is limited and when we take pictures on each of our cell phones, then send to each other, then to or from the home computer, a lot of quality gets lost because of those settings that automatically reduce size.

New Horse Riding

Horse 2

She’s been able to explore some area’s shes not done before, and she’s having fun doing it.

Horse 3

Glad we were able to find a new horse facility that’s still not far from us so she could continue to ride.

Horse 4

Hope you all have a great day.


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