I think it’s about time I tell our names on here. One, because it’s driving me crazy remembering to say J, M, D and A all the time. Two, because it’s been over a year and 2 house moves later since any psycho would have been stalking our boring lives from our much publicized previous home sale and information. I feel the statute of limitations is up.

Without further ado, here we are.

The first handsome fella there in the red and white shirt is my stepson Devin. You used to see him a lot on my blog, but a few years ago he joined the Marine Corp after high school. So we don’t see him as much for him to be on here. But we sure do miss him and are very, very proud of him. He’s doing great and loves his job. 

In the middle is mwaa. Michele. Most people are surprised I have a ‘real’ name since most of my friends and family only know me as Chot. That’s a nickname of course. Once my daughter started school, it was so odd getting used to teachers and other Moms calling me Michele. Speaking of my daughter, she’s the little cutie in the red dress named Ashlyn. Cutie with an attitude. A BIG attitude. The other handsome fella is my husband Jamie. You don’t see him a whole lot on here either, mainly because he diverts the line of sight from my camera when it’s out. Kinda rude don’t you think. 

These are picture’s from last year because I wouldn’t show them to you last year since it spelled her name. She’s really likes tumbling and we needed a little something cute for her room.
name pose (1)

So we had her pose the letters in her name. She thought this was so much fun, she actually did her last name and the whole alphabet too. 

How did we do?
    A – s – h – l – y – n

name pose (2)

Ok, now if any of you stalk me because I did this, I’m going to be really mad.  

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