Nail Polish and Overlay Combo – LOVE IT

Guys. GUYS !!! I have an awesome nail combo that I love right now. Don’t judge the quality of my work. I just do my nails at home, so I do the best I can. I’ve been doing the at home gel polish for awhile now and really like it.

Awhile ago someone invited me to a Color Street nail party. Those are the nail strips made with real polish. I like the idea of them but I love my gel polish better. Color Street has some awesome looking designs, colors and ombre effects though. But they don’t make your nails ‘thick and strong’ like the feel of gel. Then someone gave me a tip. Do a few layers of clear gel. Then add your Color Street nail strip over that. It did the trick. I had ordered these palm leaf overlays. So you can paint your nails whatever color you want and then add the overlay. THIS might be my new thing. I’m going to show you the first one I did. So my application isn’t perfect but I love it. I used Coral Reef gel color for my first shot at it. I’d really like to see them with this periwinkle color I have and a blue sparkle one I have too.

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The color is: DND Gel & Matching Polish 556 in Coral Reef. I love this brand. It goes on real nice, colors are great but it always comes with a matching regular polish for toes !!

The overlay is: Color Street in Palm Before the Storm.


I even painted my toes in Coral Reef and used the biggest Palm Leaf that was too big for my thumbs on my big toe. But I refuse to show you a picture of my feet. Your welcome !


See why I love it !!



Do you do at home gel nails?

Ever tried Color Street?

Dip nail stuff? (I have not tried yet)

Prefer to be pampered at the salon?

What is your favorite nail option?


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