Moccasin Making Kit

Hi Guys !!!!  Sorry for the absence but I blame the pool. It side tracks me a lot in the summer.

Ashlyn made moccasins !!!  It was a moccasin making kit she got from Hobby Lobby. It was $25 and she scored it for $6 !!!  Just a heads up, if you ever take this girl in to Hobby Lobby. Bring a blanket, pillow and sack lunch. Just sayin’, you may or may not be there awhile. Actually between the 2 of us I don’t think we ever make it out in under 3-4 hours. And even then she tells me “Don’t rush me”.
Moccasin Making Kit

The pieces were already cut out and the sole fixed inside. Between the instructions and a quick you tube video, it wasn’t too bad to make.
Moccasins 1

The toe part was the hardest. Trying to bunch up leather isn’t fun. We undid and redid several, several times. The rest of it was actually pretty easy. Just a little tough on the fingers.
Moccasins 2

Ta-Da !!!  The final product.
Moccasin Making Kit

Sorry for the blurry picture. She taped the back because the string part was rubbing on her heel. We could have taken the top part apart, and restrung it opposite so that piece didn’t rub. But she decided scotch tape was a quicker fix.
Moccasins 4

They turned out really well and she loves them. Great little project. They had sizes S (4/5) up to L (8/9). She got the S and made the size 4.
Moccasins 5

I’ve got several more posts in the making but I also hear we are having some good hot weather for the next week. So unfortunately I know the pool will take priority. Summer posting is pretty sketchy around here, haha. I’ve been getting my exercise in by swimming laps and doing water resistance for an hour or two each day. And some lounging on the floaty too.

Have a great day. I hope you are enjoying your summer.


So…have you ever made anything from a leather making kit?

Got any good ideas for Miss Crafty Pants to try?

Are you enjoying a pool this summer too?


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