Microfiber Cloths

I’ve been using something different to wash my face at night. Not cleanser wise, but cloth wise. I used to use just a plain ‘ol wash cloth. Then I heard that someone else was using microfiber cloths! Of course, I’m suckered in quickly, I have to try it (I had some on hand so why not). Figured I’d mention it here in case you’d like to get suckered in too !!  haha

This is the best little change. I think it makes a big difference in getting make up off at night. As well as sweat and grime come summertime. Give it a shot if you have some on hand.

Microfiber Cloths

I just use some that I picked up at Walmart or Farm & Fleet or somewhere like that. Just the cheapies. Jamie gets the orange ones. I use green for dusting, mopping and cleaning. Then the yellow are for face cloths only. I think they work really well.

Give them a try !!


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