Local Beach Stop

We took the boat out several weeks ago for a ride to enjoy the day. It was a really nice day out but was awfully hazy from the Canadian forest fires that day.

Local Beach Stop

There’s this beach that we always pass but never stop at. Always seems busy with people and this is not a body of water we choose to swim in but this day wasn’t busy at all, so we pulled in and checked it out.

Small Local Beach (2)

It’s much bigger than we expected. Sand was okay, a little rocky or rough but not bad. Was a fun little stop to check out.

Small Local Beach (3)

The only thing is we don’t have a sand hook so one of us had to sit on the boat so it didn’t float away.

Small Local Beach (4)

We found some shell’s but not anything neat. Not that we want them or need them, for some reason it’s just fun to pick them up. Now if we were oceanside, then they are super neat to find.

Small Local Beach (5)

But this is all you get there.

Small Local Beach (6)

Hope you all enjoyed your summer.

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