Living Room Update

The living room was not a huge change. More of a freshening up to blend well with the other house updates, like we did in our bedroom.
Living Room Update

We had this color of green, which I didn’t love or hate. It was nice. But it all had to be changed given the rest of the house updates. Here are the before pictures.
Living Room (1)

Living Room (2)

Living Room (3)

Living Room (4)

Living Room (5)

Living Room (6)

We chose a lightish gray for the walls. The maroon accent stayed the same because I like it, it matched and worked and those blinds are not cheap. Again, the floors will be gray in a future project. All trim and doors are now white. And we painted the light fixture gray, it was a shiney gold.
Living Room (7)

That bench you see there got painted gray.
Living Room (8)

Living Room (9)

That end table stand in the corner also got painted gray. Overall color scheme will stay white, gray and maroon.
Living Room (10)

As well as Ashlyn’s computer table to the right of the couch, got a fresh coat of gray.
Living Room (11)

That back wall still needs some things to go with that family photo but like always, my wall decorating takes a back burner. I once went 3 years before putting anything on the walls. But as often as we moved for awhile there, it was probably smart.
Living Room (12)

And this wall got white paint.
Living Room (13)

And white all down the hallway as well.
Living Room (14)

A very white hallway looks so much better from the dark hallway it was before.
Living Room (15)

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