Leap the Movie

Have you seen this movie yet? We loved it. The young girl in the movie has a dream to go to Paris and become a dancer. She escapes the orphanage she was in to follow her dreams. She quickly learns that talent alone is not enough.
Leap 1

It’s got a lot of meaning and messages. Honesty, perseverance, practice, family, believing in yourself, believing in your dreams. Of course it’s not easy, obstacles along the way. She works very hard to get through all those obstacles though.
Leap 2

These two BFF’s show some true friendship and being there for one another. Believing in your what your friend does and their dream. He has a dream of his own, to become an inventor.
Leap 3

And then there’s your opponents friendship.
Leap 4

Leap 5

The main message is to follow your dreams and follow with your heart and passion. I thought the music was good to but Ashlyn’s asked me NOT to get the music because then I’ll sing along. Hmm.
Leap 6

Have you seen any good movies lately?

Have you seen Leap yet? What did you think?

Did you go for a run today?

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