Last Day of Pool Season

Took advantage of what will probably be our last pool day. We may still have some hot days, but not enough of them consecutively to keep the water warm.
Last Day of Pool Season

I put all work and everything aside and enjoyed every minute possible in the pool.

Last Day Pool Season 02

Swam laps for 2 hours and just lounged for a good 4 hours. It’s going to be a long winter.

Last Day Pool Season 03

Got sadder and more depressing as the sun went down. I will still dangle my legs in though up until we actually close it. We don’t close our pool until the water reaches about 60 degree’s and we have a convenient weekend to do so. I read once (not sure if it’s true but it sure sounds good) that 60 degrees and colder, bacteria can’t grow as well. So we just let the filter run for a few weeks to a month and we stick our feet in until the bitter end and a winter tarp actually goes on.

Last Day Pool Season 04

Goodbye pool. Until we meet again next year.

Last Day Pool Season 05

If you are a pool person, you truly share in my heartache here.

Are you lucky enough to enjoy your pool year-round or part of the year?

Are you and your kids as not happy as I am about this?

If you have a pool heater, how long are you able to extend your pool season at the beginning and end?


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